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FIFA 17: EA Should Creat Domination Mode

How I’d see it translate in FUT terms

Two options on how it could be set up

Play 33 teams, each increasing in difficulty (for example, you’d start against Aston Villa, end against Legends/Classic Heros).

BPL Domination: Progress through 20 teams during the year, then play against the TOTS BPL team (let’s say on World Class) in Spring for a chance to win a BPL TOTS. Same for the main leagues.

You would need to gather a minimum amount of fifa 17 coins each game to progress to the next match. You keep the fifa 17 coins you earn.

Different coin amounts are gathered by scoring goals, making assists, scoring long shots, scoring penalties, making tackles, beating defenders with skill, scoring headers, and scoring bicycle kicks.

You would receive coin bonus multipliers for having a clean sheet, having possession >50%, having passing accuracy >85%.

Let’s say it takes a minimum of 300 fifa 17 coins to progress past Aston Villa. If you get between 300 and 340 fifa 17 coins, you are rewarded a consumables pack
(contracts/fitness). If you get between 350-390 fifa 17 coins, you are rewarded a Aston Villa club pack as well (kits/badges/stadium). If you get more than 400 fifa 17 coins you get also get a pack that will contain an Aston Villa player. This same tier system would apply against all teams, including the Legends/Classic Heros.

If you surpass the minimum coin total, but lose the game, you don’t progress but you get the packs.

Two ways to make it difficult.

1) The difficulty is on Pro throughout, but the minimum required fifa 17 coins to progress gets continually higher.

2) First 11 matches would be on Pro, the next 11 on World Class, and the final 11 on Legendary. Also, the required fifa 17 coins to progress for each subsequent opponent would rise then reset to a lower value at every 11th team.